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     We are the largest police organization in the state of New York,

comprising scores of member unions and groups representing more than 45,000 police officers.


     Our membership includes local, county, city and state police, with groups as diverse as the MTA Police, Park Police, Forest Rangers, Port Authority Police, and Waterfront Commission Police.


     Our organization is headquartered in our state’s capital – Albany – where we maintain our Legislative Offices. A dedicated Legislative Director is supported by a Legislative Committee composed of several active and retired police officers. The Legislative Committee is present in Albany whenever the state legislature is in session, protecting the well-being and rights of law enforcement officers, and advocating in behalf of them and law enforcement in general.


     The leadership of our organization is active, diverse, and experienced in the representation of law enforcement officers, aided by counsel and professional support personnel.


On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, the New York State Association of PBAs and the Police Conference of New York together submitted testimony to the NYS Joint Legislative Budget Committee.


The committee met on that day to consider the Public Protection / General Government portion of Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget, which includes numerous, in our opinion, non-budget-related policy issues.


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