Fundraising / Solicitation

Fundraising / Solicitation

Please be advised that, because we concentrate all our efforts on improvements to law enforcement, and law enforcement officers and their families in particular, we do not directly solicit donations to our organization.  However, we do utilize the services of professional fund-raising contractors to do that for us, and they may use the name "New York State Association of PBAs" or "Police Association of New York" in their solicitations.

Despite the ardent efforts of law enforcement, there are numerous individuals who solicit illegally, using the names of legitimate organizations in an attempt to scam members of the public.

The personnel who are employed by the legitimate companies we contract with must follow a strict script, which should not make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

If you believe you have been contacted by someone who is not legitimate, do not donate on the telephone, but ask for the solicitation in writing.  Individuals who are solicited by our professional fund-raising contractors, and who agree to make a donation, are sent a letter confirming the amount pledged and a confirmation number, along with a pledge form which is returnable to The Police Association of New York, at either PO Box 66299, Albany, NY 12206-6299 or PO Box 10592, Albany, NY 12201.

Thank you for your interest in our organization and your support for law enforcement!